Athletic Code of Conduct 2015-2016



Warren Township High School is a member of the Illinois High School Association.  In order to establish the ideals of good sportsmanship and respect for rules and authority; to establish leadership, team pride, teamwork, and team discipline; to provide conditions promoting health, safety, pride in the team and the individual, the following principles are established for all students participating in the interscholastic athletic program and activities at Warren Township High School. Participation in student athletics/activities is considered an extension of, although separate from the regular school day.  Participation in co-curricular activities is a privilege and as such carries substantially increased expectations, exceeding expectations applicable in the daily classroom environment.  By choosing to participate in an athletic or activity program, the student is choosing to extend his/her school day, as well as the expectations for appropriate behavior and conduct.  This Athletic Code defines expectations of acceptable behavior and details the consequences which will occur when acceptable behavior is not met. As in any set of expectations, it is not possible to specify every conceivable situation. Therefore, the student athlete may be disciplined for unacceptable conduct even if such conduct and the appropriate disciplinary actions are not specified in this Athletic Code.



The athlete must comply with the following requirements before the student athlete is allowed to participate in practice or any interscholastic athletic contest.


1.1 The parent or legal guardian of the athlete must complete the online permission form and pay associated participation fees.

1.2 The athlete must obtain the State of Illinois mandated medical examination each year.  A permanent record will be recorded in the nurse’s office.

1.3 The athlete must maintain passing grades in a minimum of five academic classes per week.

1.4 The athlete must have passed a minimum of five academic classes the previous semester to be eligible to try out for interscholastic sports.  Summer school may be an option available for those students who did not pass five academic courses during the spring semester.

1.5 The athlete must show proof of accidental insurance coverage to participate in any athletic sport. This may be a school-sponsored or non-school-sponsored accident insurance plan.

1.6   The athlete must be cleared by the Athletic Office prior to trying out for any team or practicing.

1.7 Students must be in class a minimum of five consecutive class periods to be eligible for practices and games.  (No-count and administrative approved absences are excluded.



Students participating in interscholastic athletic programs must commit themselves to the following:


2.1 Present themselves with a positive image through good grooming and appropriate dress.

2.2 Continued development of athletic skills.

2.3 Growth of a competitive philosophy including sportsmanship and an awareness of school and community pride while always acting in a FIRST CLASS manner.

2.4 Each Head Coach will distribute written rules for his/her team regarding attendance at practice sessions and individual and team expectations.  A copy must be turned into the athletic office by the first day of practice.

2.5 Curfew of student-athletes is the same as set by the Municipalities of Lake County.

2.6 All policies are to be consistent with the IHSA and North Suburban Conference.

2.7 All student athletes that represent Warren Township High School must exemplify the highest standards of integrity and sportsmanship, while in school and in the community.

2.8 Head coaches will monitor and determine appropriate consequences to address personal conduct concerns.



The athletic program is an integral part of the educational opportunity of all students. Insubordination, poor sportsmanship, disorderly behavior or violation of District policies and rules are detrimental to the team and to school spirit. Athletes must comply with the following training rules at all times throughout the calendar year regardless of location.


3.1 Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages of any kind is prohibited.

3.2 Use or possession of tobacco in any form is prohibited, including smoking of any substance inclusive of electronic cigarettes.

3.3 Use or possession of illegal drugs, controlled substances or drug paraphernalia and any intoxicants is prohibited unless prescribed by a physician.

3.4 Any use of performance enhancing drugs as defined by the IHSA By-law 2.170 is prohibited.  Students may be tested after IHSA State Series events.

3.5 Attendance at an event where there is the illegal use of alcohol, drugs, or hazing occurs is prohibited.  The student athlete must leave the premises immediately.  NOTE:  Hazing is defined as any intentional or reckless act or ritual for the purpose of initiation into, affiliation, or maintaining membership in any organization, club, or team, or any action or statement that harasses, threatens, humiliates, or intimidates another student.

3.6 Any incident in an activity that could be defined as a criminal act or any involvement in a criminal activity resulting in police intervention (ex. acts of violence, criminal damage, hazing, harassment, etc.) is prohibited.

3.7 Repeat violations of school policies may result in a violation of the Athletic Code.

3.8 Gross disobedience or misconduct resulting in a one or two day out of school suspension will be disciplined according to the coach’s discretion based upon the expectations set at the beginning of the season.

3.9 Any other violation of the School Code of Conduct that is determined to be gross disobedience or misconduct resulting in a minimum of three (3) days out of school suspension is a violation of the Athletic Code.

3.10 The student athlete must comply with all rules and regulations established by the school administration and the coach (of the interscholastic sport(s) the student athlete wishes to participate.

3.11 Inappropriate use of telecommunication devices capable of receiving or transmitting digital photographs as specifically referenced and described in the Student-Parent Handbook is prohibited.

3.12 Maintaining or being identified on a social media site which depicts illegal or inappropriate behavior will be considered a violation of the code.



Failure of the student athlete to abide by the above rules may result in suspension from athletics and forfeiting the privilege of future participation as a team member in any sport. At the time of a suspension, the student athletes and parent(s) will be notified as to the reason for the suspension, the length of suspension, the requirements and expectations for improvement. Student athletes are expected to comply with the Athletic Code throughout the calendar year. Violations are cumulative over the student athlete’s high school career.  The following levels of discipline are in effect. Furthermore, students will be subject to the disciplinary rules of the District, including Board policies and procedures and the provisions in the Student Handbook.

 4.1 Violations relating to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, hazing, and inappropriate use of telecommunication devices (including being present where the illegal use of alcohol or drugs occurs).

a. After a confirmation of a first offense, the student athlete shall lose eligibility for 30% of the current or next seasonin which they participate. Participation in all practices and completion of the season is required to be eligible for the next season.

b. After confirmation of a second offense, the student athlete will be suspended from athletic participation for a period of one calendar year.

c. If there is a confirmation of a third offense relating to drugs or alcohol, the student athlete will be suspended for the remainder of their high school career.

d. After a confirmation of a first offense involving drugs or alcohol, the student athlete and parent or legal guardian must complete an assessment from an approved agency or hospital and successfully complete the recommendations from said assessment.  This assessment is at the parent’s or legal guardian’s expense.   Proof of the completed assessment and recommendations must be submitted to the Director of Athletics. Failure to complete the assessment and recommendations will result in the loss of eligibility until the assessment and recommendations are completed.

4.3 Any violation of the IHSA By-law 2.170 will result in additional consequences by the IHSA, and may result in a suspension of up to one calendar year.

4.4 Any three athletic code violations not resulting in either a one year suspension or career suspension already would result in a one calendar year suspension beginning on the date of the last violation.

4.5 Violations of training rules will result in disciplinary action ranging from suspension for a percentage of  season to suspension for the remainder of their high school career. Any combination of training rule violations will result in the student athlete advancing on the discipline scale.

4.6 Official self-reporting is the act in which a student, accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, voluntarily turns themselves in to the Athletic Director for a violation of the Athletic or School Codes of Conduct, school rules or school policies. Self-reporting must occur prior to school personnel or law enforcement officials becoming aware of the incident. This initiative, along with any act of self-reporting, maybe taken into consideration by the Athletic Director or school administration. Self-reporting is limited to the student’s first violation of misconduct during their enrollment at the high school.



5.1 If the percentage of the sport season which remains after a violation of training rules is less than the percentage of ineligibility, the consequence will extend into the next sport season in which the student athlete participates.  Participation in all practices and competitions are required.

5.2 Student athletes are required to report possible code violations to their head coach or the Athletic Director.

5.3 The District reserves the right to impose discipline, in addition, to that specified by this policy for serious misconduct at its discretion.

5.4 Realizing that some student athletes are unfamiliar with certain sports, they may desire to drop from that activity after trying out for the sport and being selected for the team. The student athlete may drop the sport prior to the first contest. If the student athlete drops a sport after the first contest, the student athlete will need the approval of the Athletic Director before trying out for another sport in the same season.

5.5 In order to be eligible to participate, parents and athletes will be required to attend at least one pre-season meeting each year to review IHSA and athletic code rules.




    1. 6.1 A student athlete and his/her parents or legal guardians will be notified by the Athletic Director of the charges against the student athlete.
      6.2 The student athlete and the student athlete’s parents or legal guardian will be given the opportunity to respond to the charge in a meeting scheduled with the Athletic Director.
      6.3 The student athlete and the student athlete’s parents or legal guardian will be advised and notified in writing by the Athletic Director of any disciplinary action taken as a result of the charges.

      6.4 The student athlete and the student athlete’s parents or legal guardian will be provided an opportunity to appeal the disciplinary action to the Athletic Review Board (two building administrators and one varsity head coach) within three school days.

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1.The parent’s or legal guardian’s electronic signature on the online Permission Form indicates that you have read and understand the Athletic Code and gives consent for your student athlete to participate in the Warren Township High School interscholastic program and to travel with the school representative on necessary school trips. A copy of the Athletic Code is emailed to all participants and parent/legal guardians.

2.The parent’s or legal guardian’s permission also indicates that you agree to be responsible for the return of all equipment issued to your student athlete in good condition less normal wear and tear,.

3The parent’s or legal guardian’s permission indicates that you realize there is a risk of being injured that is inherent in all sports and that some of the injuries could be severe, including but not limited to fractures, brain injuries, paralysis or even death.   By completing the online permission, the student athlete and the student athletes parents or legal guardians assume the liability and risk of the student’s participation in the sport and further agree to hold harmless the Board of Education of Warren Township High School District No. 121, its members, employees and volunteers, from the responsibility or liability for any and all personal injuries and damages and expenses which may be incurred as a result of participation in interscholastic sport. The undersigned gives permission for qualified school employees, volunteers or a physician and/or medical attendants to administer emergency treatment.